As part of the support that we offer to clients like you, we act as your Real Estate local consultant, using our background as Project Managers and our vast experience on Real Estate.

We can assist you since the early stages of planning, giving you a good look to the local market, helping you to decide which type of property is best for your new project, what will be the required size for the business, through a detail headhount and operational needs. To prepare a preliminary master budget, preliminary schedule and look for design consultants to prepare preliminary layouts for properties of interest.

We can assist you in the negotiations terms, preparing the letter of intent, due diligence of the property and preparing a preliminary budget for renovation, among some of our services.

As your Real Estate representative, these are some of the Real Estate Services we can help you with.



The best way to start helping you in your new project is representing you in the search of properties, acting as your representative, looking for Real Estate on the market, no matter who represents the owners. We will avoid the conflict of interest and will look for properties that really meet all your needs. Reviewing in detail all technical aspects and the cost evaluation implied on each property.

We will help you reviewing; the legal documents, preparing the RFP or proposal to the owner. During negotiations, on reviewing the contract, until the deal is close and you are one hundred satisfy. We will always be defending your best interest and the ones of your future project. 



As your Real Estate Representative on the market, we will help you manage your portfolio, promoting for lease or sale, to the community, your Real Estate properties.

Our services will include to help you; in preparing an estimated value of the property, to manage the marketing tools, attend the possible clients, conduct the necessary visits to the property or properties. Assuring that you will receive proposals from real potential clients, only those proposal that meet your expectations. 

We will help you; assisting on negotiations with final offers, giving you our advice, reviewing all legal papers and contract terms. To coordinate meeting with the legal team until closure and payments are completed.

We will prepare, during all the process, detail reports to keep you inform and in order to be prepare to take decision as needed.



As owner of new development, we will represent you on the Real Estate Market, on preparing your marketing plan, prepare and negotiate the lease or sale conditions, until closure is completed. With our services, you will have all the professional support not only on the Real Estate part of the deal, but on the tenant improvements too. Our team of professionals will help your customers to have a one stop solution, as needed.